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  • Never ending story

    Never ending story

    Silence… Silence is part of the story. Silence is part of the music ???? The perfect pitch of Silence is beautiful. But sometime silences are too long.

  • Do you know where my frustration is coming from right now?

    On many occasions my attempt to be persuasive ends up being in vain. I’m sure that many of us have experienced this weird moment when we just know that we have passed the tipping point which will lead to fiasco.

  • Make it short!

    Make it short!

    Sometimes the less you say, the better.

  • One Lesson Learned a Day

    One Lesson Learned a Day

    or Seven Skills I Honed in the Air Force Monday – Patience and Humility Tout vient à point à qui sait attendre After years of training and drilling, most pilots aim to be part of the action and to “finally” do the ultimate job we chose in the first place. It’s the type of career…

  • Telling Stories

    Telling Stories

    Scrombelerere Our lives are made of stories, this blog is a story and all civilizations are based on stories. Everybody loves a story. Storytelling raised every single one of us and helped us to grow-up. Like every one of you I love to hear, read, watch and experience stories. I like to tell stories too. Since…

  • People have forgotten how to be nice

    Being nice doesn’t mean that you always have to say yes. Being nice means that sometimes you have to say no… in a nice way. Being nice doesn’t mean that you only have to be kind when people agree with you or give you what you’re asking for. Being nice is also to accept in…

  • I Don’t Trust You…

    no, I really don’t… But I can still learn from you. Films, Books, TV, Art, Social Media, Press, Blogs just like this one, Studies have never been so numerous and so accessible. This is Great! This is so exciting! This is physically exciting in fact. This post of Hugh McGuire on – How Making…

  • Go with the Flo!

    Let’s talk about personal branding. Personal branding is a trend. We read a lot about developing a personal brand and sometimes the plethora of information and advice on the topic seems a bit generic and difficult to translate into actual practice. You have to build your personal brand. – You need to work on your elevator pitch. –…