Go with the Flo!

Let’s talk about personal branding.

Personal branding is a trend. We read a lot about developing a personal brand and sometimes the plethora of information and advice on the topic seems a bit generic and difficult to translate into actual practice. You have to build your personal brand.You need to work on your elevator pitch. – Highlight what makes you different from the crowd. Yes, you’re right. I’m gonna try.

But, you know what? It’s not that easy to give an elevator pitch when what you do best is to listen.

Developing a personal brand is first and foremost a matter of communication. Communication is a two-way street. The generic advice and tactics are probably valuable, and I guess I wouldn’t be writing this post if I didn’t listen to them a little bit.

Sometimes you do need to sell yourself. But should you overdo it? Selling yourself is no small matter.  When you’re pitching a product or service, you may be compensating for defects or challenges that you’re aware of and not necessarily comfortable with – and you’ll modify your pitch to compensate accordingly. As a salesperson, you also have other job options – you can go sell another product if push comes to shove. When you’re marketing yourself however, there is absolutely no reason for you to present yourself as a counterfeit. You are what you are. The way you can improve upon your personal marketing is to figure out the most powerful ways for you to communicate your vision and capabilities. If you have to draw it, Draw it! If you have to sing it, Sing it! Your “brand” is not simply the content of your message – it’s about how artistically, compelling and effectively you deliver it.

If you started to read this post in the elevator, I hope that you had time to read it through to the end. If not, you can finish it up at a better time.

So… Go with the Flo! But first, Even if you feel silent, you can always count on me to smile at you and listen to you.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,






Any other thoughts?

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