I Don’t Trust You…

no, I really don’t…

But I can still learn from you.

Films, Books, TV, Art, Social Media, Press, Blogs just like this one, Studies have never been so numerous and so accessible. This is Great! This is so exciting! This is physically exciting in fact. This post of Hugh McGuire on hbr.orgHow Making Time for Books Made Me Feel Less Busy – actually reminds us how every feed in our lives has a physical impact on us when the release of dopamine in our brains increases the need for a reward when we learn something new. And frankly – it can be exhausting.

More than ever, we need to meticulously cross-check every single piece of information we’re able to access with our information-greedy minds. This is hard and intense work. And this is not the “privilege” of a limited number of intellectuals, scholars, researchers, executives, journalists, editors, members of government or curators. This is our duty as long as we are gathering a large amount of information.

It’s hard and necessary work, and it is our duty since every piece of information — every single message that we broadcast – can be spread so easily that it can result in something that we couldn’t possibly have imagined or expected in the first place. What if our message is not “accurate” to begin with? We all know how easily buzz can travel via media channels and the deep social impact it can have on one single person or a whole society.

In the end, every single idea, every belief is tinted by the flow of information that it passes through. Call it bias. That’s the reason why I think differently from you and that you think differently from me. Even if we can agree on a lot of things, there will always be a difference of interpretation based on the information that you have and the information that I have. But you know what? It’s okay. Cause I’ll be able to learn from your point of view and I’ll be able to come up with my own reaction to it. But you can be sure that I’ll be cross check your case with other data points. In fact, that’s why the only blog that I can trust is mine. Clearly it’s the most “true” from my perspective, even if for me it is far from perfection.  And I have the opportunity and the obligation to learn from the interactions and posts from all of you, to cross-check them and to update to opinion accordingly.

I really like to learn from you. So far, the only advice I have is: “Don’t trust me!” but I’m still happy if you can learn a little from me.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,



2 responses to “I Don’t Trust You…”

  1. PLC Avatar

    The best way to find the best compromise …

    1. FlorentC Avatar

      Quite often I hope! The whole exercise requires to analyze a tremendous number of points of view. It aims to make some decisions. Decision making sometimes doesn’t offer any compromise.

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