People have forgotten how to be nice

Being nice doesn’t mean that you always have to say yes.
Being nice means that sometimes you have to say no… in a nice way.
Being nice doesn’t mean that you only have to be kind when people agree with you or give you what you’re asking for.
Being nice is also to accept in a kind way that people may disagree with you and can’t always provide what you’re looking for.

I understand your stress, I understand that you’re under pressure and sometimes you feel threatened. Being nice still helps get things done because you show that you care, and feeling the care of others makes people happier – and usually kinder in return.

Should I feel obligated to apologize if sometimes you do not like this, if it makes you lose your temper, be mad at me and makes you want to be mean because I am “too nice”?  I won’t, cause I’ll always try to be kind in a gentle, proper, professional, respectful and nice way.

We should all be nice… Kindness should rule our lives.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,



Any other thoughts?

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