Do you know where my frustration is coming from right now?

On many occasions my attempt to be persuasive ends up being in vain. I’m sure that many of us have experienced this weird moment when we just know that we have passed the tipping point which will lead to fiasco.

Either in French or English I wish I had the magic power to helps keep the flow of communication at its highest level and let those around me get into my head.

I love to communicate, this is vital. For me and for anyone I guess.

Whatever my language is – in my writing, in my speaking, in my body language, in my silence – I am never as eloquent as I wish I were.

I believe in the power of the way we articulate our thoughts. More than that I believe in the power of speech. To find the best way to communicate, to express myself, to figure out the right word – this is a never ending quest.

You have to know that I’m trying my best to improve one day after another.

And since it’s a vain attempt, you have to understand the feeling that I have right now.

I wish I could be perfectly eloquent.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,


To help me in in my long quest, I wanted to share with you this great thesaurus recently recommended by my soulmate.
The Synonym Finder By J. I. Rodale, Laurence Urdang, Nancy LaRoche





2 responses to “Do you know where my frustration is coming from right now?”

  1. Natalie Steed Avatar
    Natalie Steed

    Well said. I think we all feel that way, but you do a great job of communicating your thoughts and feelings here.

    1. FlorentC Avatar

      Thank you Natalie. This post was a nice written exercise. I still need a lot of practice in every domain of this endeavor.

Any other thoughts?

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