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  • Make it short!

    Make it short!

    Sometimes the less you say, the better.

  • Are you overwhelmed?

    Are you overwhelmed?

    Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you notice how common it is to feel overwhelmed these days? Family, job, health, the news, bills, children, romance, chores, security, paperwork, your boss, your friends, your employees, yourself… so many priorities feeding into a collective feeling that the hard rhythm will never stop. I feel inundated more often than I’d like to…

  • Routines are the pulse of life

    Routines are the pulse of life

    Like a heartbeat, they help the nutrients flow through your life to keep you healthy. I like my routines. They set a tempo and maintain a powerful rhythm – like the bass line through a music composition. It is not surprising that music and dance help to keep rhythm. It might be the reason why…

  • People have forgotten how to be nice

    Being nice doesn’t mean that you always have to say yes. Being nice means that sometimes you have to say no… in a nice way. Being nice doesn’t mean that you only have to be kind when people agree with you or give you what you’re asking for. Being nice is also to accept in…

  • Stay organized!

    Let’s be excessive. Sometimes I can be a bit Obsessive Compulsive… but I know how to pace myself. Yes, I have to admit that I love to be organized. Either in my job or in my life I love a sense of order, cleanliness, simplicity and easy access to the information or objects that I need. It helps…