Be inspired…

Coincidence of the calendar since New York Fashion Week has just concluded…


I wanted to share with you guys a glimpse into a moment. The kind of moment where art, beauty and happenstance come together and plunge you into a frenetic and prolific desire to express yourself. When this inspiration hits, you can’t help but translate your feelings and what you’re experiencing in an act of creation.

This is the sense that drives you to grab the pen, the brush, the instrument that will allow you to express yourself in a text, a drawing, a composition or a choreography…

From time-to-time my soulmate and I are lucky enough to be invited to special Dolce & Gabbana events. I was captured by just such a feeling of inspiration during one of these evenings. I had to grab a pen and let my imagination go.


I like her shape, I like the way their dresses fit her perfectly, I like how the lines of their collections draw her silhouette. I love the beauty of lines and as a pilot I’m drawn to the curves of a perfect trajectory. But more than that I appreciate the way that inspiration physically or chemically raises your level of awareness and excitement and forces you to take action.

Being inspired is part of the quintessence of creativity.


Believe it or not, my dad was an artist. I like to think so. One artist amongst so many who remain unknown. But he had the fiber, and I like to think that my son has it too. I want to believe that artists have a deep and discreet ability to observe in silence, and an intelligence that doesn’t require words.


My dad inspired me, my son inspires me.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,

To my dad


Few sources of inspiration:
Jean-Marc Armani – Photography
Dolce & Gabbana

And some for the beauty of trajectory:

Patrouille de France – Videos 
Red Bull Air Race – Gallery 


Any other thoughts?

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