My daily run

As far as I remember, I started street running at an early teenage age once my parents decided it was okay for me to go around the neighborhood by myself. Anecdotally, this probably also aligned with the years when I decided that I would join the Air Force as a pilot.

I’m not counting here the hours spent as a kid running, biking, climbing, crying, smiling, moving in the garden of my suburban parent’s house or my grandma’s country house. At that time I was probably like most of the kids at the tipping point of my endurance journey.

My almost daily practice opened so many paths and opportunities. It helped me join the French Air Force Academy, navigating through the intensive studies required by the ‘Classes préparatoires’ of the French educational system. It helped me navigate the highs and lows of my life. This is one of the major activities that helped me maintain my balance through difficulties. It brings me joy. It helped me discover new practices and put me on the path to many valuable connections. My daily run took me to mindfulness practices and along the way allowed me to meet tremendously talented people.

My journey, which started along the Marne River in France, has taken me to the riversides of Manhattan and, most notably, to Hudson River Park.

My daily routine led me to run my very first marathon at the age of 45, giving me the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for a cause close to my heart. But let’s discuss that in a different post. Spoiler alert: I registered for the drawing of the NYC 2024 TCS Marathon yesterday.

I went on my daily run this morning and I’m planning to do so as long as I’m able to cry, smile, move. Let’s get it out here, my secret objective is to run at least one marathon in my nineties and many others along the way.

At the risk of repeating myself if you’ve read some recent posts, running, like walking, helps me reflect.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,



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