Flo in Tribeca got a rejuvenation treatment

But it’s not Botox.

I’m not going to be too technical here, but you might have noticed some slight changes to this blog.

Besides some cosmetic aspects of the user experience, its new address might be one of the major changes. Make sure to mark www.flotribeca.com as your favorite, but don’t worry, your old links should still work. Deciding to move is totally aligned with the many parallel projects that I’m currently conducting (FLOWTIV and Brocante that I mentioned in a previous post are obviously among them). You’ll also agree that having a name that is more aligned with the content of the blog and some of its social media presences totally makes sense – “flotribeca” is not that far from “Flo in Tribeca” or “@flotribeca” right?

To make this happen and to ensure that this new blog is essentially the old one and that everything is running smoothly (the old links that I mentioned are one example), I had to refresh, update, and upscale my skills in the technical aspects of website management. It’s always a good thing to constantly learn.

So here we are after some hours of trials and errors with a refreshed, constantly evolving project where the logo as well got a facelift. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate its refinement and what I consider a more welcoming aspect.

Thanks for reading, and cheers to new beginnings,







Any other thoughts?

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